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Who we are, what we do and why we do the thing we do.
How it all started
Symphony is the brain child of Jan Coenen, a long time passionate lover of high end audio who started importing in 2003, when Jan found he could not listen to and buy the products he liked.

Many exisiting distributors at the time had no passion for there product and no ears on their head. He saw the possibility to fill an important gap with his passion for high end audio, his soul for music and his business knowledge. With a strong desire to do things better, his way, he (re)imported brands into the Benelux such as VPI.

We have a thriving passion for music and high end audio. Every day again we try to transfer our feeling of passion to our clients with whom we share our love for music and the way it is reproduced.


We have a soul for the business we are in. We shifted the focus from science to art to become familiar and even become one with the products we represent.


We have a strong desire to always search for the best possible way to enjoy music at the highest level. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for the best solutions that are on offer on the market.


We know all our products and brands inside out and we always build very strong and personal relationships with all the manufacturers we represent.

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